These ‘grey bricks’ represent the memorial kiosk that was displayed on the original AOSHS website. This original kiosk is no longer an option.

The method of finding the memorial page is the same – Search By Last Name. If the individual(s) or group name is mentioned on a page, there will be multiple bricks selected to view.

Ivan And Dorris
M.a. Hurlburt
DoDDS 1969-2008
In Memory Of
Krista Lynn Dierkes Imhoff
Harold Jacobson
DoDDS 1960-1990
Don F. Jardon
Don And Penny B
Joyce Jackson
Joyce Laleob
Kaiserslautern American High School
Class Of 1975
Lillian Kaluza
DoDDS 1964-1994
Karlsruhe 1959
Elem. Teachers
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