AOSHS will collect, record, maintain and preserve relevant DoD American Overseas Schools’ memorabilia and historical documents, provide research opportunities for same, and establish exhibits to inform interested persons of the unique overseas school experience.

After the establishment of the AOSHS mission to preserve the history of overseas schools, the organization also derived a list of action items – a set of goals – to meet and succeed in our mission.

The following goals have been created as AOSHS implements and grows our online historical education archives that will include online yearbooks, an online museum, preserving overseas student and educator documents and artifacts as well as connecting previous overseas students, educators, and BRATs.

Our Goals

  • Establish multiple exhibiting locations.
  • Grow membership through communication and accountability.
  • Develop a comprehensive marketing plan to spread the AOSHS brand.
  • Increase fundraising and grants for support and growth of AOSHS.
  • Pursue partnerships with local communities, defense-related companies, former students, teachers, and administrators, and other organizations that will focus on strengthening the awareness and knowledge of AOSHS.


Whether you're a past or current overseas teacher, administrator, historian, BRAT or student - we need your support! Joining AOSHS helps us continue our mission of preserving overseas schools’ history. Your help is imperative for school legacies to live on!

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