AOSHS is dedicated to preserving the history of American overseas schools. To this end, the organization has established several avenues in which an individual, living or deceased, or group or even an event can be memorialized.

  • Virtual Remembrances, the current program, is available for those who wish to honor others or events by establishing or donating to a remembrance fund.
  • Memorial/Commemorative Tiles, tiles mounted on the wall in the AOSHS Museum and Archives lobby, serve as a physical remembrance of those who have had an impact on the overseas schools.
  • The Original Memorial Kiosk (2008-2014), the virtual platform established when AOSHS first began, is preserved on this website for viewing only.

To establish or donate to a Remembrance Fund, visit the Virtual Remembrances page for more information. If you want to establish a Remembrance Fund and already know the form you need, you can quickly find it on the Forms page. Your donation will allow individuals who have had an impact on the American overseas school history to continue impacting generations to come.

DoDDS Reunion “In Memoriams”

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