The American Overseas Schools Historical Society is dedicated to preserving history for past, current, and future overseas alumni, BRATs, teachers, staff, and administrators from all Department of Defense Dependent Schools (DoDDS) overseas schools. Through our searchable online yearbooks, educational records, online museum, online kiosk and online memorials, our organization can keep overseas schools’ memories alive that would otherwise be forgotten and lost in this ever-growing digital fast-moving world.

Our searchable online archives allow for overseas teachers, overseas students, BRATs, historians, or those interested in the history of overseas schools to find former classmates, teachers, or school memorabilia and relive their overseas school experience. Browse AOSHS’s online overseas school collections including our virtual museum that entails school memorabilia, documentaries, oral histories, and travel books. Other AOSHS online collections include overseas school yearbooks, historical books, memories (written stories), and the Berlin Wall archives.

AOSHS’s dedication to converting physical school artifacts to online searchable archives allow visitors from all over the world to conveniently visit the past. As boxes from all over the world arrive weekly full of old school photos, school records, trophies, awards, news clippings, yearbooks, pennants, class rings, written and videotaped histories, and school mascots, AOSHS must catalog them all in order to preserve the history they reflect. Now, overseas school legacies can live on with the click of a button. Dive in and encounter history from American overseas schools from the beginning!

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