AOSHS is proud to provide searchable online yearbooks for American overseas school alumni. Our online yearbook database includes overseas schools from all over the world in a convenient, searchable format organized by each school’s country and city.

We have also been adding classroom and faculty photos, mostly from elementary and middle schools. These will continue to increase as we are able to acquire and/or digitize those in our archives.

Formatting many years of overseas schools’ yearbooks and classroom/faculty photos is an ongoing process as we continue to scan and digitize hundreds of copies from previous years. We appreciate your patience throughout this time-intensive, meticulous process.

Through AOSHS’s yearbook and classroom/faculty photo archives, past overseas schools’ students, BRATs, and educators can find old classmates and teachers to relive their overseas school glory days. Locate past overseas schoolmates or teachers from all over the world with a click!

As you enjoy looking through these yearbooks, consider showing your appreciation by making a donation. You can also show your ongoing support of AOSHS’s mission by becoming a member.

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