Virtual Remembrances is the current AOSHS program memorializing individuals or commemorating events.  Here individuals, living or deceased, or groups or even events can be recognized.  Establishing a Virtual Remembrance will keep legacies of friends and colleagues alive in our virtual world.

Memorial Virtual Remembrances: Anyone may initiate the purchase of a Virtual Remembrance as a memorial to a colleague via a $25 donation to the Remembrance Fund in the colleague’s name. After the fund is established, the deceased’s name will be entered into the website. The Fund will be announced in the next two AOSHS QUARTERLY newsletters. Others may add to the fund, and the sponsor can enhance the Remembrance level.

Commemorative Virtual Remembrances: Anyone may initiate a Commemorative Virtual Remembrance for any number of reasons, for example, to commemorate a reunion or graduation or in honor of a retiree’s years of service, a colleague’s accomplishments, or an admired teacher. The possibilities are endless. Because it is virtual, it is timeless. A Commemorative Virtual Remembrance may be initiated with a donation of $100.

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Virtual Remembrance Directory

To locate a Memorial Virtual Remembrance, search by last name. To locate a Commemorative Virtual Remembrance, search by last name if for a person or first word if for a group or event. Click on Read More or View Presentation, when available, for additional information.

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