Wilson, Judy: Naples Memory

Talk about coincidences. In 1973 my husband, Tom Wilson, was vice principal of Forrest Sherman High School in Naples. Fast forward to 2024 and his granddaughter is graduating with the class of 2024 from the newer school, Naples Middle High School. A Brat, she has spent 5 of her school years in Naples. Today a photo is found in her graduation yearbook of people previously associated with the school and there is her grandfather, Tom. A correction is in order as he is listed as the principal in 1973 when it was actually Dr. Walsh. If I didn’t know better, I would say Tom somehow managed to sneak into Mac’s yearbook.

Senechal, Larry: Verona, Italy – Borgo Milano DoDDS

I attended Borgo Milano 1960-62. My English teacher was Beverly Bloomquist. She transferred to Vicenza HS. Mr. Generalli was my math teacher. Mr. Croce was my history teacher. Mr. Doe was my science teacher. Mrs. Devries was my art teacher and Mrs. Lynch my music teacher. I didn’t realize it at the time, but it was the absolute best and served me well academically as I subsequently transferred to another DoDDS school and then finished my junior and senior years in a private sector high school. I have nothing but the fondest memories of my teachers and the lasting friendships I made there. In fact, one of my best friends lives in my neighborhood here in Seattle, and when we get together it is always a great time. Imagine, we have known one another for 62 years!!! (more…)

Shirley Benedict Albert: Vicenza, Italy

I lived in the dorm in Vicenza, Italy for school year 1970-71 as a junior. My father was stationed at Brindisi, Italy. At Brindisi, all high schoolers were sent to Vicenza for school. Dorms were not coed back then and female teachers were the House Mothers. On weekends there were planned events or day trips that we could sign up for.

Gen. Westmoreland came to the base for an IG inspection and wanted to visit the dorms. He and his entourage stopped by my room. He asked me a few questions about life in the dorm. We had a couple of laughs and he wished me well in my studies.

Burdette-Dragoo, Anita: Naples High, Agnano/Pozzuoli, Italy: 1996-1997

School year 1996-97 was the last spent in the three-story white horseshoe-shaped building located behind the Agnano Main Headquarters in Pozzuoli, Italy. The classrooms were large but dark, and when we opened windows hoping for a cooling breeze, we let in the smell of sulphur from the Solfatera volcano and Campi Flegrei. 

The basement cafeteria was located within the center of the horseshoe, its roof extending high enough to allow windows and its surface flat enough for us to hold assemblies on top. At the close of the school day, the buses would ring around the cafeteria on a narrow driveway and students would exit the main building through four or five doorways. (more…)

Robertson, John Sigler: Europe: 1954 – 1964

A Memorial of John Sigler Robertson: 1954 – 1964

By: John F. Robertson – Son

John Sigler Robertson, GS-9, entered Federal Civil Service in 1954. He began his initial employment as Procurement Officer for HQ US Army Europe at Campbell Barracks, Heidelberg, Germany, from October 1954 to June 1956.

In 1956 the unit was slated to move to France. John arranged a lateral transfer in 1956 from the Department of the Army to the Department of the Air Force, HQ US Air Force Europe, USAFE Dependent Schools, Lindsay Air Station, and Wiesbaden, Germany. He was initially employed as Statistical Analyst working for Mr. Arthur Strommen. (more…)

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