Sullivan, John: Subic Bay, Philippines

The “Itty Bitty Cake Sale”…Well how do I begin this?…Ok.. 1969-70 school year Subic Bay Philippines. Our GDHS junior class was holding bake sales on Saturdays to raise money for our Senior/Junior Prom (we did the prom for both classes together because we didn’t have a ton of seniors). Anyway, my buddies, Ed and Ron, and I thought it was better time spent going to the beach on Saturdays waterskiing all day. Well, one day, we were informed that if we didn’t contribute money to the prom committee, we weren’t going to be allowed to attend the prom! (more…)

Kowalchyk, Tricia: Teaching in the Philippines

It was the last day of school in June of 1991. By then, now the 15th, my fourth graders were
very, very excited to go to the Subic Bay beach for our end of the year party. I had just
completed my second year teaching on the Subic Bay Naval Base in the Philippines. This was
my first job, and at a young 23, I was having the experience of my life. (more…)

Lindsay, Alice A.: 1955 – 1956: Clark Air Force Base

My assignment as PI/Business and Social Studies Teacher at Clark AFB was my one and only overseas teaching assignment. On December 6,1956, I married Lieutenant Herbert N. Lindsay, Jr., who retired from the Air Force in 1974 as a Lieutenant Colonel. In December, 1994, we will be married 38 years. We have two sons: Herbert N. Lindsay, III, and Scott D. Lindsay, plus one grandson, Scott D. Lindsay, Jr.

My year in the Philippines was a memorable one: I made many wonderful friends and traveled to places I had only dreamed of. I remember that neither the living quarters nor the school was air-conditioned; in order to avoid the afternoon heat, our school day was from 7:10 a.m. to 1:10 p.m. I sponsored the newspaper and the cheerleaders, and wrote the lyrics to some of the Wurtsmith High School songs. (more…)

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