Robertson, John Sigler: Europe: 1954 – 1964

A Memorial of John Sigler Robertson: 1954 – 1964

By: John F. Robertson – Son

John Sigler Robertson, GS-9, entered Federal Civil Service in 1954. He began his initial employment as Procurement Officer for HQ US Army Europe at Campbell Barracks, Heidelberg, Germany, from October 1954 to June 1956.

In 1956 the unit was slated to move to France. John arranged a lateral transfer in 1956 from the Department of the Army to the Department of the Air Force, HQ US Air Force Europe, USAFE Dependent Schools, Lindsay Air Station, and Wiesbaden, Germany. He was initially employed as Statistical Analyst working for Mr. Arthur Strommen.

In 1961 he was promoted to Chief of Statistical Analysis in USAFE Dependent Schools and had Mr. Zulege as his assistant. During this time he did all initial design and preparatory plans for schools in Adana, Turkey and Incirlik, Turkey. Additional design was completed on USAFE schools in Verdun, France. Several schools in both Greece and Italy were redesigned by John Robertson to meet new requirements.

In 1963 John was relocated to a newly formed division under the direction of Mr. Leslie Murray. Still working as the Chief of Statistical Analysis, he maintained all data for the entire USAFE operating area of dependent schools. He worked with several individuals such as Colonel Sala and Mr. Fred Ott over the course of eight years. He was the 7135th School Group representative to attend all classified staff meetings for the unit at Hq, USAFE level.

In 1964 the USAFE dependent schools were realigned with the Army in Karlsruhe, Germany. John elected not to move with the unit but return to CONUS. However, his service to the USAFE community is still evident even today. Several projects that he provided vital data for were seen to completion. He left his mark on a great many schools and educational centers.

John Robertson passed away in 1987 at the age of 64.


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