Sullivan, John: Subic Bay, Philippines

The “Itty Bitty Cake Sale”…Well how do I begin this?…Ok.. 1969-70 school year Subic Bay Philippines. Our GDHS junior class was holding bake sales on Saturdays to raise money for our Senior/Junior Prom (we did the prom for both classes together because we didn’t have a ton of seniors). Anyway, my buddies, Ed and Ron, and I thought it was better time spent going to the beach on Saturdays waterskiing all day. Well, one day, we were informed that if we didn’t contribute money to the prom committee, we weren’t going to be allowed to attend the prom! Our girlfriends were furious with us! So we got our moms to make us a couple of cakes each. Dad informed us that a carrier was coming in to the Cubi side pier from a Vietnam Nam deployment. So one Saturday when the carrier arrived, the three of us put the cakes in mom’s car along with a card table and invited along Ron’s cute sister, Vickie. We drove down to the carrier pier. We had planned to set up shop at the bottom of the gang plank. When we arrived, the Master at Arms wanted to know what the heck we were doing there!! We told him we were there for a bake sale, if it was ok with him. He told us to wait a minute and then went to speak with people. When he came back, he told us they would allow us to go up to the hanger deck level and set our table up there! Oh yeah!!! We thanked him profusely and went up the gang plank. We set up our table and put the cakes out…. Once the sailors and marines saw Vickie, they all piled over to us! These guys had been on station for weeks off Viet Nam and had spending money in their pockets! We sold out in 10 minutes! We thanked everyone and then headed out to our dependents’ beach which was right around the corner from the carrier pier and joined our gang. We water skied the rest of the day and then turned in our cash at school on Monday. We all went to the prom and life was good again. We all added another wild story notch into our Brat lives belt!

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