Valenti, Joan: 1956 – 1958: Ramey Air Force Base

Mr. Ron Downing came to Ohio State to recruit teachers for Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico. I was delighted to be asked and signed a contract for the years 1956-58. Then I went to Bitburg AF, Germany with Mr. Downing.

Never have I known such camaraderie as the days in Puerto Rico. There is something unique about island living that draws people closer together. We were in our friend’s weddings, traveled to the Caribbean islands together and joined in all the base activities. The Base was our life – all socializing and sports events revolved around being with our friends there.

I still keep in touch with the friend I made there. Mr. Hacket and I keep in telephone touch frequently. Mrs. Hacket was an outstanding Principal of Hook Road School.

Ramey AFB was a wonderful place – I returned in 1970 to the same Hook Road School, the same classroom – Room 2 and continued to teach second grade, met my husband and remained there until 1973 when the Base closed.


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