Sullivan, John: Iceland Elementary: 1965-1966

5th Grade Class at Iceland Elementary School in 1965-1966.My sister Maura’s 5th grade class picture. It was taken in her Quonset hut classroom on the base in Keflavik Iceland 1965-66 school year. Maura…3rd in from the left wanted to make sure that everyone saw her broken foot cast so she stuck it out front! Grades 1-6 were in Quonset huts on the base…Each Quonset hut was divided into two sections…The front was the classroom… and the back was a student activity area where you did exercises…play music… hang out…You needed the activity area because Iceland was chilly in winter! Between the two sections were the girl and boy bathroom areas. Grades 7-12 were at the high school. They were building a new 1-8 school next to the high school before I left. I found out years later they built a new high school over near the base gym. So, I imagine the old high school became part of the 1-8 facility…


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