Simpson, Ida: 1955 – 1956

Reminiscences of my first year teaching with the dependent schools was in, 1955 and 1956 in Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany, a former capital city, rich in history, culture and location. It was a wonderful background setting for me to teach a combination of grades two and three.

My sister Nancy was assigned to teach grade one. Six grades were taught in a former shoe factory by a faculty that represented several States, as did the military personnel. The relationship and cooperation of the military families was great for a successful academic year.

Besides teaching, I studied German to add to my list of languages which I used in singing lessons. I gave a fine recital in one of the oldest Stathalle’s of the city that spring.

I welcomed the opportunity and experience of living in Germany, which I had acquainted myself with as a tourist. It gave me the chance to teach, study and travel, which I shared with my students then and in the future.

Plans to teach summer school brought me to another area of Bavaria, Bad Aibling. A small town with a resort-like atmosphere. Late August brought another change, Munich. A very popular city with many peoples. There I remained until 1960, and lastly to Verona, Italy until 1964. I shall relate this at another installment.


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