Newstadt, Molly: Orleans High School: 1955-1958

I was at OHS 1955 to 1958. Started the eighth grade there, ninth and 10th and part of the 11th. We arrived in the summer of 1955. We lived at Combleux in a small hotel until Dad found a house on the other side of Orleans at a point in the road called Fourneau. It was on the main road from Orleans to Blois. With our school out at Maison Forte, it meant a very long bus ride both ways. Our bus left Maison Forte going down along the Loire to Beaugency. Crossing the Loire it drove through Meung-sue-Loire Eventually getting to my house and then on to Orleans and Olivet. I was so happy to get to school every day to see the other kids. We were all so spread out from one side of the city to the other. After about a year and a half, we did move to Saint Jean de Bray And this made the high school experience for me a lot more fun. Whoever didn’t live there might live at Saint Jean de la Ruelle. We could get lunch at the mess hall but I remember it being a very cold walk over there.

Our teachers were interesting. They had signed up for teaching school for the army for a lot of different reasons. I remember the teachers working hard to make sure our classrooms and studies were just like we would have had back in the states.

A bus could take us to basketball games at Chateauroux, Paris and other activities. I absolutely loved our time in France. Of course, we were teenagers and going through the typical teenager issues. What a beautiful place to be young.

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