Meisel (Hardesty), Valerie Lu: Stuttgart American High School

I graduated from Stuttgart American High School in Ludwigsburg (Pattonville), Germany. I lived in Goppingen about an hour’s school bus ride away.

Goppingen was up Hohenstaufen outside of Goppingen. I was the only Senior girl in Goppingen and there was one Senior boy. The base was in a nook in the side of Hohenstaufen that was one of a very few Hitler airbases the US never knew about.

One of the challenges in being an Overseas BRAT was access to school activities. Those of us who lived at distant places like Goppingen would leave home by 8 to get to school at 9 and the after school activities like sports, play rehearsals, etc. would last until 5 or later. The activity bus went to all of the outlying villages and mine was the last one so I wouldn’t get home until 7 or 8. I spent the night with friends in Pattonville frequently.

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