Trippeer, Jennifer Anne Jacoby: Munich Elementary School

Munich Elementary School was K-7. It was an old warehouse building that was converted to a school. Those of us who attended – our Dads were assigned to Warner Kaserne. We had a bombed-out house that sat in the middle of the playground with one small bit of yellow tape wrapped around it to keep us from exploring. On one side of the playground was a Mercedes Benz factory or dealership, not sure which. They had the cars parked along the chain link fence that bordered the school. But by 1965 the peace symbol was big and the hood ornaments began to disappear along the fence. So then the cars were backed in which prevented further mysterious theft. I was there March 1965 to finish 6th grade (my third school that year). My best teacher ever was Alice Kakimoto for 7th grade. She was remarkable and brought to life a terrified, insecure, painfully shy 12-year-old and I’ll go to my grave thankful for her presence in my life. The school colors were black and gold and the eagle was our mascot. My mom threw out my pennant from the school.

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