Cuoco (Nadeau), Judy: Orleans High School

My family and I moved to Orleans in the summer of 1959. I was a student from 8th through 10th grade. The friendships I made there are still sustained today. A group of girls all started together and many left at the same time at the end of the 10th grade. I will always consider OHS my high school and have many fond memories of “the 8th grade girls” as we now call ourselves. We lost touch over the years and were ecstatic to find each other again at Dave’s first reunion in Washington DC…no one wanted to sleep we just talked and talked. My husband and I have been to most of the reunions since then and he has been added as an honorary member of the OHS family.

There were all of the usual high school activities, sports games, dances, the teen club, etc even though we had to travel miles and miles to attend and no one had a car, our parents were wonderful in giving us rides to activities. One of my special memories was “The Twilights” a group of the “8th Grade Girls” who sang acapella for many of the school activities. We started singing on the hour long bus rides to school. It was a wonderful experience and a very fond memory.

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