Baxter, Charles: Three Years in Salzburg and School at Klessheim: 1952–1955

During my father’s tour of duty in Salzburg 1952-1955, my brother and I attended the elementary school near Schloss Klessheim. These years were profound in shaping my love for music and mountains. Later in life, music became a career and as a middle aged Texan I had the time to hike many big summits in Colorado.

Looking at the yearbook photos of my 5th, 6th, and 7th grade classmates I am amazed how after 70 years, so many faces are familiar, as well as the images of my teachers, Mrs. Gibbons, Miss Schaefer, and Mr. Gallagher. I am very blessed to have had those three years living and learning in such a splendid, magical environment.

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