These ‘grey bricks’ represent the memorial kiosk that was displayed on the original AOSHS website. This original kiosk is no longer an option.

The method of finding the memorial page is the same – Search By Last Name. If the individual(s) or group name is mentioned on a page, there will be multiple bricks selected to view.

Carole S. Worby
DoDDS 1967-1995
Linda Yetter-
Irvine Zwei '79
Elizabeth Young-Vallet
December 6, 1933 - October 19, 2013
Zaragoza, Spain
Ken Zebrowski
Cay London '73
Jon Shape '79
Ann Madrid '84
Jan Lace Maker
Zweibrucken Ahs
City's 650th Yr
July 14 -17 2002
Celebrating Our
Joint Heritage
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