Marcy Yanoff
1945 - 2004

Marcy Yanoff

Marcy was born in New York and began her teaching career as a kindergarten teacher. She always loved her New York roots and one of her favorite places was her apartment on Coney Island.
After joining DoDDS in 1971, she taught at Bad Kreuznach and Kassel, Germany. In 1978 she returned to the states for four years and obtained her Library of Science degree. She then went back to Germany as a media specialist at Aschaffenburg, Germany, and Brindisi and Vajont elementary schools in Italy. She returned to Germany and worked in Babenhausen and Gelnhausen.

Marcy passed away in 2004 while serving as Gelnhausen’s media specialist. She loved introducing students to using many multiple resources and information formats in learning.

She was an educational leader and was a participant in DoDDS media task forces, the European Parent Teacher Association Board, the American Association of School Librarians organization, and the Library Media Association of Germany After her death, a special memorial collection of children’s books was given to the Media Center at Gelnhausen.

Submitted by Cheryl Griffin

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