Valerie Skuse Malmont graduated from Kubasaki High School ( Okinawa ) in 1955. Her mystery series features Tori Miracle, a Foreign Service brat. She plans to write about growing up on Okinawa in her next book.



Vanessa Minnillo was born at Clark AFB, Philippines . As a child she lived in Germany , Japan and Turkey .

In 1968, Minnillo was crowned Miss Teen USA and chosen Miss Congeniality. Currently, she is pursuing an acting career. She has appeared in the ‘Bold and the Beautiful‘ and several entertainment TV shows.



Victoria Principal was an Air Force Brat and an Overseas Schools Alumnus. Her father was an AF NCO. She has stared in the TV series “Dallas” and, various movies .

Victoria Principal has emerged as a major force in the entertainment field, not only as one of the world’s most popular actresses, but as a producer and author as well.

She is the recipient of two Golden Globe nominations for “Best Actress in a Dramatic Series” and “Most Promising Newcomer,” and two of her books have been best-sellers.

Victoria Principal attended Ramey Junior HS, Puerto Rico, Junior HS at Chicksands JRHS at Chicksands AFB, England and Kubasaki HS on Okinawa. South Dade High School in Miami, Florida claims she graduated there in 1963.

Dates are hard to pin down. Independent bios give her birthdate as 1945, while her own bio gives it as 1950.

A bio found at: 
reports: On January 3, 1950, Victoria Principal was born in Japan, to Ree Veal and Air Force Master Sergeant Victor Principal. Victoria and her younger sister spent their childhood moving from one military base to another, one state to the next, and attending 17 different schools.

Other biographical information found at: states: Victoria was born on January 3rd in Fukuoka, Japan, an Air Force family that moved frequently throughout her childhood years. Her travels took her to London, Georgia, Puerto Rico, Massachusetts and Florida.

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