Scarlett  Rehrig

Scarlett Rehrig
DoDDS 1969 - 2002
Aoshs Board
2002 - 2008
Pres. 2005 - 2008

Scarlett Rehrig

Scarlett began her pre-DoDDS career by teaching middle school and working with educational television in the Pittsburgh Public Schools. Her career with DoDDS included positions as a classroom teacher, media coordinator, and principal in Germany, Japan and Okinawa. While principal in Misawa Japan, her school received the Department of Education’s Blue Ribbon Award for Educational Excellence.
Scarlett earned her Ph.D. in Educational Administration from Iowa State University in 1996. She served as Associate Superintendent in the Japan District prior to being selected as Superintendent, United Kingdom District in 1999. She retired from DoDDS in August 2002 and is now living in her dream home of a log house with Japanese accents.
Her community commitment is to volunteer to give back to this world, in some meaningful way, that will make this world a better place. She has been a long-time AOSHS supporter and has chaired two Annual General Membership Meetings. Scarlett was an AOSHS Board member from 2002-2008 and AOSHS President from 2005-2008.

She is an avid hiker, skier and reader.

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