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AOSHS is dedicated to preserving history for American overseas schools and their past inhabitants. Your donation will allow individuals who had an impact on the American overseas school history to continue impacting generations to come.

Our commemorative tiles are still currently available and physically located in AOSHS’s museum as an in-person remembrance. In addition, AOSHS has established online memorials that keep legacies alive in our virtual world and are easily accessible.
Memorial Fund Application

Please consider donating to our online memorial or purchasing a commemorative tile while they are still available. Our Memorial Funds collect monies to honor individuals or groups that have been part of our history. With your help, legacies can live on. For more information, email about Memorials.

DoDDS Reunion “In Memoriams”

Nurnberg Class of 1949
Stuttgart H.S. Alumni
Federal Education Association
Karlsruhe 1959
Elem. Teachers
DoDDS Reunion XXV
Margaret Knox
Akers - Chicago
Russell L.
Ankara Alumni Network
Reuniting Friends Since 1990
Ronald S. Knapp
Lou Ann Ashley
Bad Kreuznach
Ptsa 1991-2001
Dean And Judy
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