Samuel  Menniti

Sam Menniti
1952 - 2009

DoDDS: 1979 - 2009
Teacher: Turkey, Italy
Principal: Italy, Japan
Korea, Turkey, England
Asst. Superintendent:
England, Italy
Superintendent: Korea

Samuel Menniti

July 28, 1952 - May 30, 2009

Sam Menniti, a native of Ridgeway, PA received his Bachelor of Science in Education in 1974 from Youngstown State in Youngstown, Ohio. He held a Masters Degree in Curriculum Development from Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA, and a Certification in Gifted Education from the University of Florida, in Tampa. Sam also conducted postgraduate study at the University of Pittsburgh in Educational Leadership.
Throughout his career with DoDEA schools, Sam contributed to professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators and made many presentations to worldwide administrator conferences.
Sam, whose career in education spanned nearly 35 years, began with the Department of Defense Schools in 1979 as a reading specialist at the Izmir Dependent School in Turkey. He went on to teach reading in Vicenza, Italy and later held principal positions in Italy at Rimini, Aviano, Comiso, and La Maddalena.
In 1990, Sam was assigned to Misawa Air Base in Japan as the principal of Robert D. Edgren High School. He went on to several additional assignments in the Pacific. He returned to Turkey in 1996 as the principal of Incirlik H.S. and later the principal of London Central H.S. and dormitory.
In addition to his experience as a teacher and principal, Sam was the Associate Superintendent in the Isles and Mediterranean District. He was promoted to Superintendent of the Korea District in Jan. 2008.
Sam’s vast experience as an educator is matched only by his personal commitment to serving the children of military families. Sam once wrote, “Effective schools are a tremendous quality of life benefit for members of America’s military services. It is the responsibility of the leadership to make certain the energies and resources of the school system remained focused on students. An educational leader is charged with ensuring that children in the military community receive the highest quality education.”?

(Submitted by Scarlett Rehrig)

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