Ross Smith, Tchr
Japan, Germany

Ross Smith

January 1, 1970 - December 29, 2011

Ross was born and raised in Ohio. He received a BS in Business Administration from Bowling Green in 1956, another BS in Elementary Education from Macalaster College in 1960, and a MS in Education from the University of Toledo in 1968.

In 1962 Ross joined DoDDS and taught 6th grade in Hanau, Germany. After two years, he transferred to Japan and taught at Johnson Elementary for the next four years. In 1971, he again went to Germany, teaching one year at Mannheim, six years at Grafenwohr, and two years at Prum. After fifteen years with DoDDS, he left to return to the states in 1980.

Outside the school arena, Ross was an avid cyclist. He biked all though Europe and covered the length of Japan during his assignments in each locale.

Ross retired in Minnesota where he lived until his death in 2011.

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