Ray Babineau
1972 Bahs 1992

Ray Babineau

Raymond Babineau was born in New Bedford, MA in 1939, and was the first of his family to complete college. He attended the University of Georgia and received a Masters Degree in Vocational Education. His first four years as an educator were spent at a junior college in Tampa, Florida.

Ray realized a dream come true when in 1977 he signed on to be a teacher at the DoDDS high school in Berlin, Germany. Ray was an excellent teacher and great communicator. He was more at home working with the so called “problem students” and he was held in great esteem by all those he helped during those formative years of their lives. Berlin offered the opportunity for Ray to work in his favorite sport, soccer. He was the girls’ soccer coach and took pleasure in their playing, whether it be in the joy of winning or the agony of defeat. Ray may have been at his happiest on the soccer field.

The year 1985 proved a pivotal one in Ray’s life as he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Ray carried his fighting attitude into the fray with this debillitating disease. He worked through pain and carried on for almost 7 more years. In 1992 the disease took its toll, and Ray was forced to leave that which he dearly loved, Berlin and the kids. Upon returning to Florida Ray continued to teach and helped underpriviledged students on a volunteer basis. Ray’s disease increased its intensity and he was forced to move to Georgia to live with his daughter Renee. While in Georgia, Ray remained active in church and loved to work on his computer. Ray fought hard, but early in the year 2000 the disease overpowered him, and he passed away.

Ray leaves behind two loving children, Renee and Andy, hundreds of admiring students, and scores of friends and colleagues. We all miss his infectious smile, his great love of life and will always remember his deep belief that “education is the key to our lives”.

Provided by Renee Babineau and Francis Brown.

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