In Memory Of
American & Host
Nation Teachers
& Administrators
Ramstein Afb Ge

Ramstein Educators

This paver is dedicated to the memory of the Department of Defense Teachers, Administrators and Host Nation Teachers from Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany. We honor all those who served the military community at Ramstein Elementary North, Ramstein Elementary South, Ramstein Elementary, Ramstein Middle, Ramstein Junior High and Ramstein High School. The educators were dedicated to the students and their families and were proud to serve.

Lenora Albright
Kathleen Anderson
Genorace Armstrong
Gail Baldwin
Virginia Barnes
Marion Bergeron
Sandra Boyer
Raymond Brown
James Cahill
Patricia Cobey
Willie Denig
Donna (Littke) Edwards
Nancy Esack
Daniel Ferree
Del Fine
Carol (Kosher) Fuller
Judith Gallagher
Robin Gartner
Eric Hammershoy
Shirley Hammershoy
Kathy Henning
Peggy Herrod
Betty Houser
Agnes Johnson
Beverly Kelly
Dorothy Krolick
Dale Kverno
Vernon Lee
Herbert Lynch
Mary (Kiely) Miglia Manion
Diane Malone
Julie Meyers Mayo
Linda (Laue) McDonough
Carol Kerchenfaut Mortoro
Raymond Moser
William Moser
Sarah Nelson
William O’Keefe
Mary Lou Owen
Curt Price
Fred Rice
Lynn Sandstrom
Leo Smothers
Ann (Lawrence) Stack
Bruce Steffensmeier
Julie Neusbaum Tas
Herr Vanderhaar
Thomas Wagner
Raymond Walsh
Chuck Wickstrom
Carolyn Wilber
Thea Colvin
Clotilde Barron
Rosemary Jenkins
Mary Ann Tyler

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