Nancy Hill
1922 - 1992

Nancy Lee Hill

Nancy Lee Hill, a DoDDS Teacher of the Year, was a proud Virginian who started her DoDDS teaching career in 1972 at Seoul American High School as a math teacher. Nancy was a teacher with great intellectual curiousity and had a rich and varied teaching career. While teaching in Virginia, she founded the Grymes Memorial School and was an exchange teacher in England during the summers of 1967 – 71. In addition to teaching math at Seoul High School, she also taught math classes for the University of Maryland. In 1989 Nancy left Seoul and retired to Morgantown, NC. She is remembered for the high academic standards she set for her students and the dedication and determination she displayed in helping each student reach his potential. She was talented, classy and adventuresome – one who loved and lived life to the fullest.

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