Mary Kay  Keogh

Mary Kay Keogh
1942 - 2000
Japan - Germany
She Had The Joy
Of The Lord

Mary Kay Keogh

Mary Kay Keogh

Mary Kay Keogh had the joy of the Lord! She had a vibrant, unique and spirited personality. Friends and family who knew her loved her sparkle and vitality. She was a caring individual, with a keen sense of humor and a generous nature.

Devoutly spiritual, she participated in Women’s Aglow, Tres Dias, many prayer groups, Bible studies and other Christian activities. Her praise of the Lord was especially evident in her joyous and active participation in music and singing.

After teaching five years in Minnesota, her DoDDS career began in 1969 with a tour of two years in Japan at Grant Heights. She then taught two years in Schwabisch Gmund, Germany. In 1973 she returned to her beloved Japan to Yokota East Elementary School and taught second grade until retiring in 1999. Her dedication as a second grade teacher was clearly evident through her excellent rapport with students, parents and co-workers. Many life long friendships were developed during her career.

Life in Japan provided much enjoyment to Mary Kay. She loved the people, culture, food, art and the scenic beauty of the country. Being of small stature, she felt a kinship to the Japanese; the clothing, furniture and people were compatible to her size.

After retirement she returned to the family farm in Cleveland, Minnesota. At this time she assumed the responsiblity of the household and the care of her elderly mother. She and her only brother, Mike, had a special relationship. They worked well together and had many common interests.

Tragically, Mary Kay was killed a year after her retirement. She was hit by a car in front of her family home while taking her daily walk.

Mary Kay is deeply missed by friends, family and all who knew her. She was a true joy in all our lives.

Prepared by Nancy Bohn.

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