"do Not Follow Where The Path May
Lead, Go Instead Where There Is No
Path And Leave A Trail." Emerson

These Aoshs Members Were In The
First Group Of Educators To Be
Assigned To The Military's Schools
Overseas In 1946. They Left A Well-marked Trail To Follow.

Faye C. Abrell Dr. Alfred Beerbaum
Rex L. Gleason Claris Click
Marie M. Glick Gay A. Long
Eunice Chute Matthews-johnson

This Is Dedicated With Our Thanks.

Marie M. Glick

Marie Moser Glick

Marie’s husband, Walter R. Glick, was selected to be the first superintendent in the Munich area when the military’s overseas schools opened in 1946. He went to Europe in August to prepare for the opening of the schools, and Claris, her stepdaughter, left in late September to begin teaching at Nürnberg HS in October. Unlike the teachers who went via ship in September and October, Marie joined the family in November via air. There was no direct flight to Europe at that time. She flew to Newfoundland, the Azores and, finally, to Orly Field in Paris, where Walter met her, taking her on to Munich via train.

Marie taught business subjects and helped supervise the Girls’ Dormitory. The two school buldings were old 3 story homes, as were the dormitories.

The weather that year was excruciatingly cold with freezing temperatures from Thanksgiving through mid-March. The Rhine River froze, preventing navigation for weeks.

Teachers still tried to travel on school holidays, and they had their first fresh fruit in Lucerne, Switzerland. In Germany it was all canned fruits and vegetables, dried eggs, dried potatoes and canned milk.

Since she and Walter had taken a year’s leave-of-absence from their jobs, they returned to the U.S. in the summer of 1947. Walter returned to being Dean of Texas Wesleyan College, and Marie returned to her high school position. Walter passed away in 1960.

In 1961 Marie became the high school principal, retiring in 1974. During these years she traveled around the world once, and to all of Europe and North Africa on various other trips.

From 1985-94 she served as an English As A Second Language volunteer, but had to stop due to failing eye sight. Now legally flind, Marie is in her 90’s and living in Fort Worth, TX.

The paver honoring Marie and the other early educators can also be viewed by returning to the alpha roster and highlighting The Magnificent Seven.

Prepared from her memories by Marie Glick, written June 2000.

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