Dr. Llewellyn  Lieber

Dr. Llewellyn
World Traveler
Friend, Advocate
"sweet Dreams"

Dr. Llewellyn Lieber

LLewellyn Lieber
1911 – 2007

Llewellyn was born in St. Louis, Missouri. After earning her undergraduate degree at Harris Teachers College and a Masters Degree at St. Louis University, Llew put her talents to work both as an elementary school teacher and a scriptwriter for a local radio station. Her award winning series on the Missouri Constitution probably influenced her concern about legal issues.

Llew’s growing interest in world affairs led her into a very remarkable career with DoDDS. Assignments would take her to Libya, Japan and the Philippines. Legalistic matters, regulations, fairness and empathy for fellow teachers would always guide her decision. In Japan she started and was elected the first president of the American Teachers Union in the Far East. After moving to the Philippines, Llew founded the Clark Federation of Teachers. Upon earning her doctorate at Santo Tomas University, she became a school counselor at Clark AFB and remained there until her retirement.

Llewellyn retired to California and later relocated to be near family in Indiana. Always concerned with the welfare of others, she generously supported many charitable organizations involved with the environment, conservation, animals, education and human rights. With the assistance of a friend, she organized and mailed 10,000 slides to AOSHS. Over the years, many of these slides have appeared in magazines.

Llewellyn wanted her friends to always remember her as a fighter. She passed away peacefully in hospice care at the age of ninety five.

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