Julia Eastman
Japan 1967 - 2005

Julia Eastman

Julia arrived in Japan in 1967. She taught at the Sullivan ES in Yokosuko for several years and then returned to the United States for personal reasons. Three year later, after her mother passed away, she returned to Japan and taught at the Byrd ES in Yokohama. After a few years there, she transferred back to Sullivan and when Ikego ES opened, she went there. Julia retired in 2005 after teaching a total of 35 years in Japan.

She taught first, second, and third grades and especially enjoyed the challenge of ESL students. She also volunteered to teach a poetry club class that met after school and, at Ikego ES, she enjoyed teaching art classes. She loved her life in Japan and found it difficult to leave.

In July 2005 she retired to El Paso, Texas. She spent many days renovating her new home and unpacking her treasures. Living near the college, Julia took art and dance classes for relaxation. A week before she died she visited with a student from her first teaching class in El Paso and was happy to share the old first grade scrapbook with him.

The cancer returned in July of 2006 and Julia passed away on August 27th peacefully in her home surrounded by good friends.

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