Judith (Judy) Dean Liebman

Judy Liebman
1941 - 2006
DoDDS Educator
1965 - 1994

Judith (Judy) Dean Liebman

October 24, 1941 - December 4, 2006

How can you describe a DoDDS Educator? A DoDDS Educator is one who is adventurous, friendly, curious, with excellent teacher training and the ability to “bend with the bamboo”; the ability to adjust to the many challenges that living overseas requires. Judy Liebman was the poster girl for a typical DoDDS Educator. She was a true diplomat full of southern charm.

Judy was born on October 24, 1941 and raised in the blue grass state of Kentucky. After high school, she graduated from the University of Miami in Coral Gables. Her first and last assignments were on Okinawa, Japan, and in between those years, she was also in Ramstein,Germany; Clark and Subic Bay in the Philippines; Yokota, Japan; and Seoul,Korea.

Her elementary classroom was always so full of life and activity that both the students and parents alike considered her an excellent teacher and for many parents, a friend. The glint in her eye and her warm and generous “Kentucky Heart” made you feel welcomed whether it was in her elementary classroom, in her crowded BOQ room or her off base quarters which were always tastefully decorated with overseas collections and treasures.

Judy retired from Okinawa in 1994. She returned to Frankfort, Kentucky, to an active life with her many friend and devoted family members. Judy and her sister Sarah ran an unofficial B&B with a five star cuisine that was opened to all of her DoDDS colleagues and friends who traveled through the state of Kentucky.

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