Jeri (Polansky)  Glass ’72

Jeri Glass
Berlin H.s. '72
Aoshs Board Of
2001 - 2004

Jeri (Polansky) Glass ’72

A product of the American Overseas Schools system, Jeri attended elementary and high school in various cities throughout Germany. College was through the University of Maryland, also overseas, at an American air base in England. Married to a former army officer who worked as a foreign area specialist in several developing countries throughout Asia, Jeri has continued her extensive travels and education abroad by living and traveling in such places as India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

She worked as an assistant controller of a large commercial real estate management firm, manager of the American Embassy Club in Bangladesh and controller of a multi-state mattress manufacturing company before starting her new career as a Reunion Planner.

Jeri has been the Director of her alumni association, the Berlin Brats, since January of 1997. In October of that same year she received the Presidential Award from Overseas Brats and then was appointed to its board.

A member of AOSHS since 1996, Jeri went on to serve on the site selection committee to select a ‘home’ for the Historical Park in 1998. In 2001 she became a member of the AOSHS board.

As a board member, Jeri was in charge of merchandise. She also made all logistic arrangements for AOSHS presentations at DoDDS reunions. Her vast experience in the reunion business was a great asset to the board. She has helped develop materials to encourage former students to join the organization. She leaves after only one term on the board because she and her husband will be living abroad for an extended period. Her energy and enthusiasm will be missed.

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