Jan  Mohr

Jan Mohr
Aoshs Board
2003 - 2009
Vp 2005-2008
Pres 2008 - 2009

Jan Mohr

Jan is an Air Force Brat and went to elementary school in England and kindergarten and high school in Japan. She has a BS from James Madison University and a MA from Michigan State University. After teaching in Virginia for two years she joined DoDDS in 1969 and went to Goose Bay, Labrador. Her second assignment was Okinawa where she stayed for 25 years. Her last six years in DoDDS were spent in Washington, DC serving as the President of the Federal Education Association. After she retired in July 2001 she accepted an 18 month contract with FEA Europe as Uniserv Director.
Activities that keep Jan busy are traveling, enjoying her home on the water in Mobjack, Virginia, working with the American Institute of Wine and Food, serving on the Board of Directors for the American Foreign Service Protective Association, cooking and reading.

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