Stanley Willis

James ‘Stan’ Willis

June 28, 1914 - July 31, 2004

Stan Willis was born in Richland, WA, on June 28, 1914. He and his wife of 63 years, Thelma, had four children: Kathy, Jim, Judy, and Brian.

Stan began his career in education as a teacher at Parkland Elementary School and subsequently principal at Parkland and Central Avenue elementary schools in Parkland, WA. He was a DoDDS administrator for 35 years, spending twenty years in Spain, twelve in Puerto Rico, and three in Germany.

Retirement brought Stan and Thelma back to Parkland where their roots began. Surrounded by mementos and friends from both their experiences abroad and their friends and relatives in the area, they enjoyed their children and grandchildren, their gardens, their commitment to PLU and their church.

Stan was a lover of animals and children, master pie maker and cook, creative craft buff, music lover and avid sports fan. Those who knew him would describe him as “remarkable, an all-around great guy”. If you had asked Stan about himself, he would have focused instead on the rewarding life he and Thelma shared and his immense pride in his children and grandchildren.

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