James R.

James R. O’Brien

November 8, 1920 - September 5, 2008

Jim was born and raised in southern California and received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California. He enlisted in the US Navy in World War II and then taught school in southern California before joining DoDDS in 1957. His overseas locations included Japan, Turkey, France, Spain, Germany,England, and Okinawa.

Jim was a most friendly person – he made friends where ever he went. He was a great host, inviting his friends and family to visit him when he was overseas or to his home in California during the summer. He loved to travel and took advantage of every opportunity to see the sights of his host country on the weekends and to travel further on the long holiday recesses. He loved the theater and while. in England, most weekends were spent in London viewing the latest shows, revues, dramas and musicals. He was also an ardent collector of fine arts and antiques where ever he was stationed.

After his retirement, Jim did volunteer work in his community – such as serving meals on wheels to the elderly. He will long be remembered by his colleagues and friends who were invited to his soirees at each of the bases where he was stationed.

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