James E.  Snyder

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Judith Ann Chapman '58
Thomas E. Lewis '58
James E. Snyder '59

Taken In An Auto Accident
March 23, 1957
Near Nouasseur Ab Morocco

James E. Snyder

James E. Snyder

Three students from the Nelson C. Brown High School, located on Nouasseur Air Base, Morocco, were killed in an automobile accident in the early afternoon of March 23, 1957. The accident occurred on the Casablanca-Marrakech road, not far from the main gate of the air base.

James E. Snyder was born on December 30, 1940, in Altamont, New York. Jim attended school in Nicaro, Cuba, 1952-53, and would have graduated with the Nouasseur Class of ’59.

This tragic loss was felt throughout the small base community. Friends and family still mourn, and wonder what these wonderful young people might have accomplished in a full lifetime.

Photos of Judith Ann Chapman and Thomas E. Lewis, the other two students killed in the accident, may be seen by returning to the alpha roster and highlighting their names.

To view the list of contributors, return to the alpha roster and highlight the Nouasseur/Chapman, Lewis, Snyder Mem.

Prepared by Sharon Ray Renno ’58

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