Henry Matsumoto
Johnson Japan

Henry (Hank) Matsumoto

Henry (Hank) Matsumoto

Hank was born in California on November 24, 1924 and after teaching in the United States, joined DoDDS in 1956. He was assigned as a math teacher to the school in Ashiya, Japan. Hank met Ritsuko Ikeda in 1957 and they were married in 1962. He spent his entire 26 year career in Japan. In 1958 Hank moved to Itazuki, in 1960 to Johnson H.S. and in 1974 to Yokota H.S. Due to illness, Hank took medical retirement in 1982 and he and Ritsuko continued to live in Japan in Tanaka Heights, near Yokota Air Base. After being hospitalized for two weeks, Hank passed away on August 23, 2001.

Prepared by James Lenz

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