Dr Harry Heiges
DoDDS - 18 Years
Germany, France
And England

Dr. Harry Heiges

Dr. Harry K. Heiges

Dr. Harry K. Heiges contributed much to the early development of the overseas schools. His interest in documenting the history of the DoD schools was revealed in his writings for the archives. This is a tribute to Harry, our friend, advisor and mentor.

Harry came from York, Pennsylvania where he received his early education and taught in the public schools. He married Margaret in 1947 and they were sent to Heidelberg to teach in 1948. In 1949 Harry became a principal at Bremerhaven for two and one-half years. The next four years were spent as Supervising Principal at Wiesbaden, and Superintendent of Northern Area Command Schools (including Berlin).

In 1956 Harry returned to the United States to obtain his doctorate at Harvard. He wrote his dissertation on the military schools overseas. It was entitled “Development of Programs for American Schools in Germany to Promote Social Interactions Between Americans and Germans”. When he returned to Germany at the school headquarters in Karlsruhe, he implemented his findings and conclusions in the educational program. A year later he was assigned as the Superintendent of DoD schools in France, headquartered in Orleans.

In 1958 Harry, Margaret and four children returned to the U.S. where he became a principal at Collingdale, outside of Philadelphia. However, in 1972 he returned overseas as principal at Bitburg, Germany for three years. He completed his life in education at Upper Heyford, England as principal for six years, retiring in 1981.

Harry’s sincere concern for attaining the best possible education for students under his supervision, and his concern for the well-being of his teachers, developed a deep respect from all who knew him and endeared him as a friend.

Prepared by Anna Mary Mellinger

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