Harry D. Lyons
Loved By All

Harry D. Lyons

November 15, 1927 - February 8, 2011

Harry Lyons may have been born in Lowell, MA, but he was truly a man who lived in the world. With the Department of Defense, Harry taught elementary school, primarily sixth grade, in Japan, England, Puerto Rico, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Denmark, Spain, and lastly in Korea.

Upon retirement, he returned to the United States where he taught adult education in Lowell, MA, the city where he began his teaching career. Briefly and unhappily, he taught in Palm Springs, CA. After a few years, missing his overseas peripatetic life, he returned to work for the private oil schools with assignments in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Syria. Through his many assignments, he made many lifelong friends, friends who paid him homage until the very final days of his life, writing to him, visiting him, sending his favorite gift, “sweets”. There wasn’t a single person who has ever said a negative word about Harry. He was a true Renaissance Man eclectic, filled with humor, warmth, and caring, while still maintaining his very private person. How many people can claim being shot at in Iraq and having witnessed a beheading in Saudi Arabia!!!

Eclectic Harry once missed a flight because he lost his sense of time and decided to spend the stopover in Guam by swimming in the sea. Imagine his chagrin when he saw his plane flying overhead departing. Yes, that was Harry, always delightful even to the very end when he passed away in an Assisted Living Faciliy in Sarasota, Florida where he retired. Harry’s burial was a military one as Harry served toward the end of World War II. The world lost a bright light. So many mourn the light’s disappearance.

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