Harold R.  Schyberg, Jr.

Harold Schyberg
Ger-gb-ja 62-91

Harold R. Schyberg, Jr.

Harold R.Schyberg, Jr.

Overseas 1962-65 and 1970-1991. Germany, Japan & England

In 1962, after teaching 11 years in the Chicago Public Schools, my wife, Laurel Linklater, and my two daughters, Lauren and Martha, and I went to Germany to visit with my wife’s mother, Irene Linklater who was teaching at Spangdahlem Air Base. I started working at Kaiserslautern High School that year, teaching Biology and Physical Science. In January 1963 I was transferred to Landstuhl Jr. High. In 1964 we transferred to Japan where I was assigned to Camp Drake Jr. High. The principal was Mr. Wayne Malloy. In 1966 I secured an appointment as a Curriculum Specialist in science with the Chicago Public Schools so we returned to the US. While there our son, Harold III, was born in 1969.

In 1970 we decided to return to Germany and I was assigned to teach science at Frankfurt Jr. High where Rex Gleason served as principal. In 1971, Herman Search offered me a position as assistant principal at Frankfurt Elementary School #1, where James Mebane was principal. In 1974, Dr. Mason asked me to become principal of Molesworth Elementary School in England. In 1975, I returned to Germany as assistant principal at Hanau Elementary School, where Phil Harr served as principal. In 1980, I became principal at Butzbach elementary School, where I remained until my reitrement in 1991.

My wife, Laurel Linklater, taught several elementary grades, junior high P.E, and high school level social studies and math. Laurel and I divorced in 1987, and she also retired in 1991, moving to Oregon.

All three of our children graduated from Frankfurt HS, Lauren in ’72, Martha in ’73, and Harold III in ’88. Both daughters married men they met at the University of Maryland in Munich. Lauren is married to Gordon McComb, and Martha to Michael DeGiusti. My son Harold saw combat in Panama and the Gulf War. He is a Ranger Instructor at Fr. Benning, Georgia.

Upon retirement I moved to Eugene, Oregon.

Prepared by Harold R.Schyberg, Jr.,2001

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