Glynn H. Turquand Family
Hamura Es Japan 1962-64
Embassy Es Iraq 1966-67
Chofu Es Japan 1968-73
Kalayan Es R.p. 1973-79
Zukeran Es Japan 1979-84
Patch Es Ger. 1984-92
Susan:japan And Germany
Glynn C. Patch Hs 1988
Katherine Patch Hs 1989
Elisabeth Patch Hs 1992

Glynn Turquand

Glynn H. Turquand

My life began in Los Angeles, CA on June 11, 1932. My father worked for Underwood Typewriter Corp. and when I was a few years old he was transferred to their headquarters at 1 Park Ave. in New York City. My brother and sister were born while we lived in Brooklyn. We attended P.S. 217 until the family moved to Arlington, VA during World War II. My father was on loan to the U.S. War Department to procure typewriters for the war effort. Before the end of the war we returned to Brooklyn and I completed high school at Midwood HS. In 1950, we moved to Port Washington, Long Island, where we lived until my father’s death in 1956. During those six years, I attended Otterbein College in Ohio, majoring in Business Administration. Following graduation I was drafted into the Army, where I spent the majority of my time at Sullivan Barracks in Mannheim, Germany. While stationed in Germany I often met attractive teachers while traveling throughout Europe on leave. I decided, “Here is a good way to serve my passion for travel along with my altruistic thought of making some positive contribution to humanity!” When my dad died, we returned to California where my mother could be with her family. I used the G.I. Bill to attend Cal State Los Angeles (then LA State) to earn my California elementary teaching credential and began teaching in 1957. While teaching in LA City Schools, I also earned my MA in Guidance and Counseling from the U. of Colorado and my administrative credential from the U. of Southern California (USC).

I began my career with DoDDS in 1962 as principal at Hamura ES in Yakota, Japan. In 1964 I returned to CA to earn my secondary credential at USC, then in 1966, I served one year as director of grades 1-8 at the American Embassy School in Iraq. Again returning to Los Angeles, I completed my Ed.D. at USC.

On the magical date of August 10, 1968, I married Susan Louise Canby, an elementary teacher I had met while skiing. The following day we departed for Japan where Susan had been assigned to Sasebo. Just completing my doctorate, I had no job and thus appeared on her orders as her dependent. I thought I was set for life – no work and plenty of time to play golf. We flew to Hawaii where we were delayed for 10 days awaiting a flight to Japan. It was TERRIBLE having to spend our honeymoon in Hawaii while awaiting transportation. In Hawaii, the DoDDS Pacific Headquarters at that time, I was rehired and assigned as principal to Chofu ES near Fuchu, Japan. Therefore I can now claim that I am the only one I am aware of who had the Department of Defense pay for his honeymoon. Now ain’t that a kick!! DoDDS, working at keeping husband and wife together in the same or nearby schools, reassigned Susan to Green Park ES, where she fell down the stairs and was in a leg cast during her first six weeks of teaching overseas.

My principalships included: 1968-73, Chofu ES; 1973-79, Kalayaan ES at Subic Bay in the Philippines; 1979-1984, Zukeran ES in Okinawa, Japan and 1984-1992, Patch ES in Stuttgart, Germany. In 1988 I was honored by DoDDS to be selected as a National Distinguished Principal at a ceremony in Washington, D.C. In 1990, I piloted a principal exchange for half a year at Vista Grande ES in Palos Verdes, CA.

Until retirement in 1992, Susan and I spent our entire married life overseas. Sue taught her first year of marriage and then she taught at the Stuttgart International School the last year we were in Germany.

During the early years of marriage our three children were born: a son, Glynn Charles in 1969 and daughters Katherine Jane in 1970 and Elisabeth Marietta in 1974. What a thrill it was for me to be their principal during their formative years. I have DoDDS to thank for such a wonderful experience as a father.

I look forward each year to attending the annual DoDDS reunion. What a wonderful way to meet the many friends with whom we have shared so many terrific experiences! The overseas schools will always hold a “SPECIAL” place in my heart for providing my family and me such an enriched and fulfilling life!

Prepared by Glynn Turquand, 2001

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