Gary  Westhusin

Gary Westhusin
DoDDS 1967-1994
Aoshs Board
Of Directors
Vp 2008 - 2011

Gary Westhusin

Gary grew up on a farm in Plainville, KS. He was educated in the Plainville schools before attending the University of Kansas where he earned a BS in Education. He taught secondary school in Topeka and in the School of Education at Kansas State before applying to teach overseas. His first assignment was at Kubasaki High School for 2 years as a teacher of Social Studies. He then transferred to Frankfurt High School where he taught 4 years before moving to Ansbach High School in 1973. After 21 years at Ansbach High School, Gary retired to Plainville in 1994 to care for his aging mother. He presently works on an on-call basis for a local funeral home and more-or-less full time tending to his garden. This will change in his new role as a Board member. Gary is a life member of AOSHS and has attended every DoDDS reunion since 1996.

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