Florence  Backhaus

Flo Backhaus

Florence Backhaus

Florence (Flo) E. Backhaus

Florence (Flo) was born in Madison, South Dakota. She received her BS from General Beadle State Teachers College (now Dakota State University). Her two MS degrees were from South Dakota State University and the University of South Dakota.

After teaching several years in South Dakota, Flo began her DoDDS service in Labrador in 1961. Successive transfers took her to Germany, Turkey, Okinawa and Japan. Flo was serving her 9th year at Seoul, Korea when she died in October 1979. She will be remembered for her school spirit and faithful scorekeeping at athletic events, as well as the science courses that she taught.

A scholarship in Flo’s memory has been established and is awarded annually to a student at Seoul American HS.

Prepared by Delores Backhaus Carr

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