Edward J. Hosek

Ed Hosek

March 27, 1923 - August 9, 2011

Ed was born and raised on the west side of Chicago. He enlisted in the Navy during WWII and after training at Navy Pier in the city, he was stationed in Hawaii as an aviation mechanic.

Using the GI bill, Ed graduated with a BS in 1950 and a MS in 1964 in education from Northern Illinois University . After teaching in Forest Park, IL for 6 years, he was assigned to the DoDDS elementary school in Ankara, Turkey where he taught 6th grade in the top floor of a tobacco warehouse – an adventure he delighted in relating. In 1959, he and his new wife Ruth transferred to Yokota AFB where he was the principal of Yokota Elementary School. From there they went to Prum, Germany, for a year and then to Bitburg. After three years Ed became the principal of Munich Elementary School where he remained for fourteen years and where their children Matthew and Jennifer were born.

In 1982 Ed went to Crailsheim ES, then to Bleidorn ES in Ansbach and ultimately retired from Erlangen in 1991. Ed and Ruth then moved to Addison, IL where he loved puttering in the garden and traveling around the states.

Ed was generous, fair and compassionate to students and teachers. Their welfare was always his first goal. Many teachers had told him “he was the best principal they ever had”.

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