Doris, Glenda, Mardi & Sara  Talbutt

Doris 1960-96
Glenda Shape '81
Mardi Shape '84
Sara Bxls '96

Doris, Glenda, Mardi & Sara Talbutt

Doris (Prohaska) Walker Talbutt
Glenda Talbutt
Mardi Talbutt
Sara Talbutt

Where else could a young, single woman, looking for adventure and excitement go? It was either become a flight attendant (too tall) or join DoDDS and see the world. I had already graduated from Westmont College, Santa Barbara, California, and had been teaching for two years in Castro Valley and Los Angeles, so DoDDS seemed the best of all possible choices. So off I went to Clark AB, Philippines in 1960, to Narimasu Elementary in Tokyo in 1961 and to Mercy Elementary in Okinawa in 1962. 1962-65 was spent on Okinawa and included marriage to Bill Talbutt and the birth of Glenda.

My DoDDS career was interrupted by Bill’s stateside assignment to Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, where Mardi was born in 1966. After Bill’s tour in Vietnam, we found ourselves in Seoul, Korea, where I joined the teaching staff at Seoul American Elementary School (1968-70). Another Vietnam tour for Bill, and then on to Wurzburg, Germany (1972-74). Next stop, SHAPE Belgium (1974-92). Our very unexpected miracle baby, Sara, was born at SHAPE Hopital (local spelling) in 1977. I completed my teaching career at Brussels American School in 1996.

I am now retired and living in Boise, Idaho. While Boise is our permanent address, we seem to be traveling and visiting DoDDS friends a good part of every year.

Glenda graduated from SHAPE American High School (SAHS) in 1981 and then from the University of South Carolina in 1984. After a long hiatus from school, she graduated from the University of Oregon School of Law in 1997 and is currently an attorney in Boise. Glenda is the single parent of 10-year old Victoria.

In 1984, Mardi graduated from SAHS and then from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 1988. She is married to Jim Pacheco and living in the Seattle area. Mardi is expecting her first child, a boy, at the end of July 2001.

Sara graduated from Brussels American School in 1996 and from the California State University, Channel Islands in 2001. She is planning to be married in January 2002.

From a young girl in 1960 to a seasoned veteran in 1996, my DoDDS career spanned almost 30 years. Thanks for the memories.

Row 1 : Sara, Jim Pacheco, Mardi and Glenda
Row 2 : Doris, Victoria and Bill

Prepared by Doris Talbutt,2001

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