The Bensens
Mike * Anne
Beth * Kimi
DoDDS 1964-1991

David & Vidabeth Bensen

January 29, 1931 - January 12, 2014

David joined the NAVY after high school, and followed this service with academic study at Hofstra University, studying Elementary Education and School Administration. Prior to joining DoDDS for a 27 year career, David taught elementary school in Uniondale, NY. David’s overseas career included school administration assignments in Okinawa, Turkey, Germany, Morocco, and Japan. He worked in the Office of the Superintendent in Japan and Korea before retiring to North Carolina in 1991. After retirement David devoted time and energy to volunteering with the Chatham Education Foundation and Red Cross, teaching at Central Carolina Community College, and woodworking projects in his RIGHT ANGLE WOODSHOP where he was known as the man who “could fix almost anything.”

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