Cornelia (Candy) H Wierengo

Candy Wierengo
A Wonderful
Friend Who
Shared Her Love
Of Life With Us

Cornelia (Candy) H Wierengo

August 16, 1941 - June 11, 2009

Candy grew up and thrived in Muskegon, Michigan. She loved playing the oboe in the Muskegon High School Orchestra and proudly carried the flag for the marching band. (Oboes were not an instrument that could be played safely while maneuvering marching formations).

Candy studied at the University of Michigan and pledged Alpha Phi where her music abilities were essential to the sorority’s fun musical times. She graduated with a teaching degree and secured a teaching job in Ypsilanti, Michigan where she taught for several years.

Wanting to see the world Candy joined DoDDS. She taught in Okinawa and Germany, spreading her Joi de Vivre to all she met. “Who was that streaking the Officers Club wearing only a colander on her head?” Each holiday she was able to travel to many other countries and experience fun times in each. Her nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters would eagerly look forward to her visits every summer to hear about her escapades (and did she have stories!!).

Deciding she had had it with teaching, she moved to San Diego to be with her best friend, Grace Hamilton. They bought a condo together in Pacific Beach and soon adopted one of the loves of their lives, Tulip, an adorable black Cocker Spaniel. Even after Grace married and moved, she and Candy remained best friends. They added another dog to the “family” so each could have one to share.

Candy’s extensive travels made the travel industry a perfect fit for employment. She worked for years as a travel agent and then later as an administrative assistant in a law office.

In the past few years she had numerous health issues. She rose above each ailment and did not dwell on them. She was always “fine, fine” and only wanted to know how others were doing. One of Candy’s most wonderful traits was her optimistic view of life. She always looked and dwelled on the good things in life and pooh-poohed any negativity.

Most important to Candy were her friends and family. She had many wonderful friends from all over the country with whom she steadfastly remained in contact. She loved her family and was diligent in her calls making sure everyone was happy and well.

She will be truly missed by all who knew her. We have been enriched by her unwavering optimism, friendship and love.

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