Charles  Willis

Charles Willis
Aoshs Board
2002 - 2008

Charles Willis

Chuck Willis is a native of Texas. His dad flew B-24 missions in Europe in the Army Air Corps during WW II. After the war, the family was stationed in Texas and Louisiana until an accident in 1954 prevented his father from further flying. In 1956 they transferred to Itazuke Air Force Base, Kyushu, Japan where Chuck attended Itazuke high school through his junior year. He completed his high school education in Duluth, MN, graduating in 1960. He returned to Texas for college, graduating with a degree in Math and Physics from UT, Austin, where he met his future bride, Linda. Chuck went to work for IBM Advanced systems Development Division Laboratory in California, and married Linda. He entered the Navy in 1967 serving in San Diego doing computer work.
Leaving the Navy in 1970 they moved back to the Midwest with a new son, Carl.
Chuck began work in the financial industry. He spent ten years in Oklahoma as the data processing manager for a large Savings and Loan followed by the position of Systems and Programming Manager for the largest bank in Kansas.
He transitioned into the new area of disaster recovery, which became a requirement for banks in the mid 80’s. He has done Records management, Information Security and Contingency Planning over his career with that institution. Chuck is now a contingency specialist for one of the largest financial institutions in the nation and is responsible for the recoverability of 5 large computer centers around the United States.
He and wife Linda became associated with AOSHS in 2001. Chuck joined the board in 2002 and Linda serves as a volunteer in the archives. Chuck was the AOSHS treasurer from 2002 to 2008.

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